Aluminum trim is an essential part of any Brantford home exterior renovation project. It is a way to not only protect wood frames around windows, doors, and garages with a durable, low-maintenance material, but a way to put the perfect finishing touch on a home design. At Mitten, we are proud to offer Canada's strongest aluminum program in a wide variety of colours and designs to meet the needs of any project!

Ply Gem's aluminum trim coil is the best in the business. That isn't an empty boast, but the result of empirical testing. To ensure the quality of our product, we subjected Ply Gem aluminum trim and a leading North American competitor's product to an identical weathering test designed to simulate 10 years worth of blistering, salty, seacoast exposure. The results were unmistakable. Ply Gem trim withstood the test with no visible corrosion, rust, or other blemishes. The competitor's offering? Blistered and wrinkled up like an old raisin.

All of Ply Gem's aluminum trim options are colour matched to Mitten's vinyl siding options. This means there are more than 45 colours available, specifically designed to compliment and match the best siding in the business. 

The best trim. The best siding. How could things get better? How about a lifetime warranty? Ply Gem is so sure in the quality of its aluminum trim, that it offers 100% coverage schedule for the lifetime of the original owner, including material and labour. If that doesn't show confidence, we don't know what would.


Mitten is also happy to provide:

  • Realistic stone veneer and shake allowing any homeowners to enjoy the warm, rich quality of masonry
  • Aluminum soffit, fascia, and other rainware
  • Ply Gem's stunning selection of windows and doors
  • Vinyl accents and accessories such as trim, shutters, vents, and more
  • Railing, fencing, and decorative columns to add the perfect touch to your lawn and exterior
  • A wide range of building envelope and insulation products
About Mitten Building Products in Canada

Mitten Building Products is a proudly Canadian company. Dedicated to bringing the best home exterior products to the market, Mitten has become a mainstay for homeowners and contractors who demand more for their home 

Mitten's home office is located in Brantford, ON. 


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