Looking for the best possible door for your Edmonton home? Look no further than Mitten Building Products. We are committed to providing the best Edmonton doors and offer an extensive collection of attractive options that will stand up the test time—and Alberta’s weather.

Tough Doors for Tough Winters

In our harsh winters, it's critical to have a solid thermal break with a tight seal against the sill, and weatherstripping to keep out drafts and moisture. Anything less than the best Edmonton doors won’t withstand a harsh environment and will just be a waste of your money. 
We carry high-quality doors with continuous wood perimeters that create a thermal break, eliminating issues with condensation and frost. Aluminum clad, out-swing door sills keep water and air out, and compression weather stripping seals the deal to make sure no matter how hard to snow blows, you won’t feel a draft. 

The Colours, Styles, and Materials You Want

Our doors aren't just built tough either—they're also beautiful. As an authorized dealer of Ply Gem products, among others, we have access to a full line of doors from the largest door manufacturers in Canada. We offer doors of all shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. 
Whether you want a single or double door, wood or heavy-duty steel, our team is here to help. You'll find a wide range of colour options as well, and most can be painted or stained if you want something a bit unconventional to make your entry-way pop.

Trust Mitten Building Products for the Best Edmonton Doors

With showrooms across Canada, we pride ourselves on featuring the most extensive selection of durable home exterior products. From windows to siding, we're sure to have what you need to keep your home secure and warm in every season—and that includes the best doors in Edmonton. Stop by our showroom at 8412 Davies Rd. Edmonton, AB, or dial 1-866-MITTEN for an estimate. We're always happy to answer questions.