Vinyl siding is the most popular cladding material for homes in Canada. More than one third of all new homes are built using vinyl siding. Do you know why? Because it is the best option! At Mitten, we’re proud and excited to offer the best vinyl siding brand to Edmonton homeowners.

Vinyl siding is the go-to option for so many homeowners and contractors for the simple fact that it does everything you’d want from a home siding product exceedingly well. It is durable and long lasting, providing years of virtually maintenance free service. It is water and pest repellant, never subject to warping or termite damage like wood can be. It’s also incredibly lightweight and easy to install, dramatically lowering the barrier to entry on a renovation project.

With Mitten’s incredible line of siding options, you can rest assured it will look great too! We offer our siding in a range of different lines, each with an entire spread of colour and trim options. From ultra-sleek and modern colour options like Nickle and Indigo, to the classic wood finishes (such as available in our premium variegated siding that features our multi-tone RUSTIC colours to achieve the stunning look of deep textured woodgrain) we can help achieve whatever you vision is!

Take a look at our options:
  • Sentry
  • Sentry Variegated Vinyl Siding
  • Highland
  • Oregon Pride
  • Southern Beaded

About Mitten Building Products in Canada

Mitten is pleased to provide Canadian homeowners with the very best in home exterior products. Whether you're shopping for vinyl siding, accessories, or our high-quality windows, Mitten has you covered.

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More of a visual learner? Check out our Mitten Visualizer program that allows you to render detailed samples of how our products will look on your home!