If you're a home owner looking at renovation options, you've probably heard a lot about "curb appeal,” but what exactly is curb appeal anyway? 

Basically, curb appeal is the impression your home gives at a first glance. If someone was to stand out front your place, what would be the first thing to enter their mind? What would they think about the home or the people living in it? Curb appeal is way to set the tone. It let's everyone know exactly what kind of person you are (professional, serious, cool, a little quirky) while also helping to make a strong presentation (important for your home's resale value!)

When you want to increase the curb appeal of your home quick, there is no better way to it than an investment in Mitten's vinyl siding! You can transform the look, feel, and presentation of your home in the blink of an eye with a new set of siding.

Available in a load of different styles and dozens of eye-catching colours, Mitten's signature line of industry-leading siding can help you find the curb appeal you're looking for!
Our full product line includes:
  • Our top-rated vinyl siding available in a variety of  eye-catching options
  • A variety of designs, including realistic cement and wood textures
  • Aluminum soffit, fascia, and rainware
  • The leading names in stone veneer, including GenStone, NOVIK, and Tando Stone
  • Ply Gem's jaw dropping line of windows and accessories 
  • A wide variety of accent options including vents, trim, shutters, and more

About Mitten Building Products in Canada
Mitten Building Products is an leading light in the Canadian world of home exterior products. Our line of vinyl siding sets the standard upon which all other siding is compared to. But that's not all, we also carry a full line of related home exterior products, everything from windows and trime, to blocks and fencing. We're committed to giving Canadian homeowners the high quality products they deserve at the lowest possible price!

With our main office in Branford, ON, Mitten Building Products has nation wide representation with branch locations in nine separate provinces. The branch nearest you is: 



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