Whether your home is new or a renovation, choosing the right door is crucial. You want a door that is attractive, strong, durable, and impenetrable. When shopping for Edmonton doors, you’ll find the widest selection at Mitten Building Products. 

Put the Finishing Touch on Your Home

Your front door is the portal to your home, and it’s the first impression most visitors get. Choose an attractive door, and automatically upgrade the appearance of your house. A neutral colour can lend a sophisticated look or consider a brightly coloured door for added "pop."
A red door is considered lucky in many cultures and can signal that your home is open to those in need. A blue door can communicate that your home is peaceful and content. A green door may mean prosperity, and a sunny yellow door can relay optimism. Whatever colour you choose, the right door can put that perfect finishing touch on your home.

Security and Durability

You want a door that is sturdy and secure. At Mitten Building Products, you’ll find doors of all shapes and sizes in a broad range of durable materials with quality hinges and strike plates so that you can rest easy knowing your door will stand the test of time and keep your family safe. 
Mitten Building Products doors also feature high quality weatherproofing to withstand even the harshest weather Edmonton can dish out. Many options have a solid, thermal break sill, and feature compression weatherstripping. 

Shop Edmonton Doors Today

Mitten Building Products is proud to offer the highest quality doors in Edmonton. Shop a full collection of durable, weather-appropriate options and keep your home stylish, safe, secure, and warm. Dial 1-866-MITTEN for a no-obligation estimate or stop by the Mitten showroom at 8412 Davies Rd. Edmonton, AB.