A single leak can quickly become a homeowner's worst nightmare. Once water gets inside your walls, it's only a matter of time before discoloration, rot, mould, and other headaches follow. That's why when you're re-siding your home exterior, it's important to protect your investment with the best flashing in Brantford.

Flashing is a water-resistant material used to shore up intersections and projections on your roof, seams on your windows, and gaps along doorways, all the places water likes to infiltrate a home. It's thin, pliable, easy to work with, and can save you no end of trouble. Properly installed, flashing directs water away from these vulnerable parts towards non-permeable building materials and eventually towards drainage.

At Mitten, we pay attention to the details. Flashing might not be the most exciting element of a home exterior design, but it is important, so we give it the respect it deserves. Our vinyl siding is best in the business, so we make sure our flashing is the best as well. We've gone to great lengths to ensure the quality of our flashing so you can be sure it can take mother nature's worse. With Mitten at your back, you don't need to worry about a rainy summer season or winter melt-off seeping into your home!
 Of course, Mitten is about more than flashing! Our full product line includes:
  • A wide variety of coloured siding options
  • A multitude of different designs
  • Eye-catching and realistic cement and wood textures
  • Aluminum Soffit, Fascia, Rainware & Accessories
  • Shake & Stone Veneer for a warm, classic look
  • A wide selection of Window & Door options
  • Blocks & Vents, Shutters, PVC Trim, and other attractive accent options
  • Building insulating products

About Mitten Building Products in Canada
In addition to 18 distribution locations across Canada, Mitten's is also proud to work with over 200 distributors in the United States as well as Russia, France, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Sweden, Ukraine and Estonia. As an international force in the home exterior market, homeowner's around the globe know that Mitten is the name to trust when they demand quality and value.

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