Okay, so you've got your home exterior project all lined up and ready to go. You've spent time poring over catalogs, consulting contractors, and picking between colour swatches. You've measured and remeasured and have all the tools you'll need to get the job done polished and ready. You take pride in your home and the work you've put in it. So protect it.

You don't want to put this much passion and energy into a remodelling project only to find you have to knock out a wall a few years later to deal with mold growth, water damage, or corrosion. Moisture is the enemy of the house proud owner, and the best defence against it is the right flashing tape.

Flashing tape is a low cost, easy to use protection to improve the tightness of the building envelope and ensure that no moisture or unwanted air can penetrate your home. It adheres to cracks, seams, and flashing rough openings to block these gaps with a non-permeable substance that will prevent the infiltration of outside bodies. This doesn't just protect against potential moisture related problems, but improves the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

There are many kinds of flashing tape available designed to work in different conditions and with different materials. Ask a Mitten representative which is right for your project!

Mitten is also happy to provide:

  • Coloured vinyl siding
  • Realistic cement and wood textures
  • A variety of Rainware & Accessories
  • Beautiful Stone Veneer
  • Windows & Doors of all shapes and styles
  • Building insulation products
About Mitten Building Products in Canada
Mitten Building Products is a coast-to-coast distribution business and market leader in home exterior products. Headquartered in Brantford, ON. 

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