It really is what's on the inside that counts. At least that's what we think at Mitten, and why we provide a line of superior insulation products for Brantford homeowners!

Compared to the bold colours and designs of vinyl siding, or the personalizing flourishes of accents, columns, and rails, insulation products don't seem all that exciting, but the savvy homeowner knows they are one of the most important elements of a comfortable and efficient home. 

Simply put, insulation reduces the exchange of heat from your home to the outside world. Good insulation means less heating escaping in the winter months, and less cool air escaping during those sweltering summer days. When a home is properly insulated with quality products, the results show on the monthly hydro bill. More than that though, good insulation means a more comfortable home, one where you spend less time adjusting the thermostat, shivering in the winter, or sweating in the summer. Some insulation can even help soundproof your home, an absolute blessing if you happen to live near a busy road or if your retired neighbour just loves to start their Saturday mornings with a brisk 7:00am lawn mowing.

At Mitten, we supply a variety of home insulation products to our customers, including brands such as Levelwall, Enerfoil, and Dow, all of which are major names in the field. Consult a Mitten representative to find which one is right for you!

Insulation is only the beginning. At Mitten, we're proud to offer a comprehensive selection of home exterior products, including:
  • Our leading line of vinyl siding products, available in an astounding variety of designs, colours, and textures
  • Realistic stone veneer and accent pieces, including brands like GenStone, NOVIK, and now Tando Stone
  • Ply Gem's industry leading line of windows
  • Procanna windows and doors
  • Soffit, Rainware, and Gutter-protection options
  • Mounting blocks, vents, and
Mitten Building Products is headquartered in Brantford Ontario. With branch locations across the country, we're always close to help with any home exterior project. 

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