It’s easy to take things we don’t see for granted. Nowhere is that expression more apt than when considering your home insulation! In a city like Repentigny where winter can get downright nasty, it’s important to have insulation that you can rely on. 

Quality insulation is an investment in the comfort and staying power of your home. A number of the most common home complaints, from drafts and mold can be prevented by choosing the right insulation for a home. At Mitten, we’re happy to talk you through your options, lay out the pros and cons of each brand and product line, and make sure your home will have the insulation it needs to keep your family comfortable and healthy for decades to come.

That’s what’s on the inside, our full product line includes many options to get your exterior looking right as well! Including:

  • Mitten's industry leading vinyl siding
  • Realistic wood, cement, and stone textures to give your home a classic appeal
  • A massive selection of Ply Gem windows and doors for that perfect finishing touch
  • A wide range of accents and accessories, from blocks and vents, to railings and fencing
  • Building envelope and insulation products to make your home feel as great as it looks
About Mitten Building Products in Canada
Mitten Building Products is proud to be the industry-leader in Canadian home exteriors Since 1959, Mitten has been an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing premium vinyl siding and accessories.

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