There are some homes you walk right past and never notice. There are others that stand out. What’s the difference?

More than likely, it’s the windows!

When you really want to increase the curb appeal of your home and make a statement, the best way to do it is with a bold new set of windows. At Mitten, we offer an incredible selection of replacement window options including top brans like Procanna, P.H Tech, and in a Canadian exclusive, Ply Gem.

Our options include:
  • Vista Series Vinyl 
  • Comfort Series Vinyl 
  • Classic Series Vinyl
  • Design Series Aluminum Clad Vinyl
  • Signature Series Aluminum Clad Wood

  • We're also proud to offer:
  • Procanna windows and doors
  • P.H Tech Patio doors
  • A wide variety of accessory products and options
About Mitten Building Products in Canada
With coast-to-coast distribution and offices in nine provinces, Mitten is an institution for Canadian homeowners. We take pride in our legacy of bringing the absolute highest quality products to the market at the best value to our customers. 

Mitten's main office is located in Brantford, ON. For more locations and information on the products and services we offer, visit

Why not come and see our selection in person? Visit your nearest branch at:

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