How long has your house had the same look? Is it getting to be time for a change? Whether you're just looking to spruce up the old home exterior or are looking for ways to improve the property value of your home for an eventual resale, you can’t go wrong with replacement windows. A good set of replacement windows is one of the fastest ways to make a big difference!

"I want to improve my home, but why should I start with replacement windows?” That’s a fair question. Replacement windows are about more than just capturing a new look (although that is a big part of it). By swapping out old, low-performance windows (that were either made a long time ago before recent technological advances, or just suffering from natural wear and tear) with new replacement windows, we can increase the comfort and efficiency of your home.

Mitten’s Canadian exclusive line of Ply Gem windows is built to the highest specifications. All vinyl extrusions are formulated to withstand the harshest climates year after year and their multi-chambered design optimizes both strength and thermal efficiency. The glass itself is the result of a specialized manufacturing process that minimizes UV ray penetration and noise transfer, meaning you live in a more healthy, comfortable home. 

Our Ply Gem products include:
  • Vista Series Vinyl 
  • Comfort Series Vinyl 
  • Classic Series Vinyl
  • Design Series Aluminum Clad Vinyl
  • Signature Series Aluminum Clad Wood
We're also proud to offer:
  • Mitten Shake
  • Lux Architectural Panel 
  • A wide variety of accessory products and options

About Mitten Building Products in Canada
Mitten Building Products is the premier leader in Canadian home exterior products. From siding to windows, from fences to accessories, if it is a home exterior product, Mitten has you covered. When you need top-quality at an affordable price, Mitten is the name to trust.

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