New view, new home. With Ply Gem's line of quality windows, you can revitalize your home with an entirely new look while also improving the performance and efficiency of your home! 

Ply Gem's line of windows includes a number of different styles and designs that are sure to please. Everything from the modern Vista Series, to the stately elegance of the Design Series. These stylish windows don't just look good, they are built to the highest manufacturing standards. Ply Gem has spent years innovating it's manufacturing process, utilizing state-of-the-art materials and cutting edge techniques. The result? Ply Gem's windows block more harmful UV rays than competitors at the same price point, are more energy efficent resulting in smaller hydro bills, and even dampen outside noise for a more comfortable, relaxed living experience.

Find out what a difference a set of quality windows can make for your home!

Mitten's full product line includes:

  • A huge selection of siding types and designs. From engineered wood to fibre cement, our siding is available in a huge array of colours and designs right for any home
  • Ply Gem's stylish and sophisticated line of doors
  • Realistic stone veneer and shake, perfect for homeowners that want a classic look or a stately patio
  • A wide selection of accents and accessories including vents, blocks, railings, trim, fencing, and more
  • Quality housewrap and insulation products to make your home as efficient as possible
About Mitten Building Products in Canada
Mitten is pleased to provide Canadian homeowners with the last word in home exterior products, including it's internationally recognized line of vinyl siding, best in the business stone veneer options, a wealth of accents and accessories, and of course, high quality windows. 

Our Repentigny branch is located at:

Mitten Building Products – Repentigny 
436 Rue St-Paul
Repentigny, QC  J5Z 4H9
P:  514.352.9555
T:  888.352.9555 


A complete list of branch locations can be found here. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please let us know at 1-866-MITTEN.