Why have more than one third of all homeowners chosen vinyl siding for their homes? Well, the answer is surprisingly simple. So many homeowners have chosen vinyl siding because it is flatly the best siding option there is!

Mitten Building Products is proud to be leading the charge in the home exterior revolution with its industry leading line of Mitten vinyl-siding products! Offering superior durability, quality, and long-term value to other types of siding, Mitten also provides the best in cutting edge designs, colour selections, and accessories to fully customize your home!

Vinyl siding has come a long way since being introduced in the '50s. Today's siding not only comes in a huge variety of different colours and designs, but is lighter, stronger, and more durable as well! Vinyl siding is far easier to install than any other siding option. It's lighter, provides better insulation, and withstands the elements better than aluminum, wood, or any other siding choice. 

Is it any wonder so many homeowners have made the switch to vinyl? Mitten's complete line of vinyl products include:
  • Mitten's leading line of vinyl siding solutions. Available in a truly astounding variety of designs, colours, and textures for complete customization
  • Stone veneer and accent pieces for a classic, rustic look that won't fail to charm
  • Ply Gem's celebrated line of stylish windows and doors
  • Vinyl accent pieces and accessories, including fencing, rail, and decorative columns
  • Building insulation products, from wrap to sealant and everything in between

About Mitten Building Products in Canada
Mitten Building Products is without a doubt Canada's industry leading supplier of vinyl home exterior products. More homeowners and building contractors trust Mitten for their home exterior needs than any other brand. With a coast-to-coast distribution and numerous branch locations across the nation, homeowners and contractors know they can depend on Mitten for the materials they need!

Mitten is headquartered in Brantford, Ontario. For more information on Mitten, please visit www.mittensiding.com or feel free to visit a local branch! The branch nearest you is: 


Mitten Building Products – Repentigny
436 Rue St-Paul
Repentigny, QC  J5Z 4H9
P:  514.352.9555
T:  888.352.9555
F:  866.825.8403


A complete list of Mitten's other branch locations can be found here

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