We all love the look of wood and fine brickwork, but for the vast majority of homeowners its just too expensive to consider them as siding options! Thankfully, there is a better way. With Mitten vinyl siding, you can enjoy the warmth, grain, and classic elegance of wood and stone work for a fraction of the expense while also reaping the benefits of a more reliable and durable siding solution.

What makes vinyl siding so much better? For one, it's a lighter and easier to work with material. Vinyl siding can be hung by the average DIY enthusiast with the right tools and equipment. A professional installer can reside an entire house in mere days. But more than just the cost and ease of installation, vinyl is a superior alternative to wood and stone, lasting longer in the elements and requiring far less maintenance and long-term costs. 

There is also the matter of design! Mitten's vinyl siding is available in a huge variety of designs and presentations. From classic wood and stone textures, to eye-catching colours and patterns, you can fully customize your siding to capture the perfect look. Whether you're looking for the stately dignity of classic wood, or want to blow people's socks off with a bold ultra-modern colour, you can do it with Mitten vinyl!

Our products include:
  • Mitten's industry leading vinyl siding in its many different designs and colour options
  • Realistic wood, cement, and stone textures for a classic appeal
  • Shake and stone veneer including columns and accent pieces for the perfect walkway or patio area
  • A massive selection of Ply Gem's cutting edge windows and doors
  • A wide range of accents and accessories
  • Building envelope and insulation products to keep your home interior healthy, warm, and dry
About Mitten Building Products in Canada
Mitten Building Products is proud to serve Canadian homeowners and building contractors across the country. With nationwide distribution and branch locations in 9 separate provinces, Mitten is committed to ensuring every homeowner in Canada can have the home they deserve.

Mitten is headquartered in Brantford, ON. If you'd like to know more about our products and what Mitten can do for you, visit www.mittensiding.com.

Want to see Mitten performance in person? Feel free to visit one of our branch locations! The branch nearest you is:

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