A quality set of windows are about more than just letting in light and air. They are about setting a mood for you home, a style. An invitation from the curb. Done right, they’re also about creating a more comfortable home, one that is better able to regulate its temperature, that is bombarded by fewer harmful UV rays, that stays quieter and calmer when everything outside is loud and hectic.

At Mitten, we believe that quality windows should accomplish all that and more. That’s why were proud to offer Ply Gem’s leading line of designer windows to the Canadian market. With slick designs for any home and unbeatable manufacturing standards with top marks in energy efficiency, UV protection, and noise dampening, homes with Ply Gem windows feel every bit as good as they look.

Take a look at the following series:
We also offer a full line of accents and accessories to compliment your chosen style!

About Mitten Building Products in Canada
Mitten is there for you whether you are designing a new place, or just need that extra bit curb appeal for your current home. Whether you are a contractor or enthusiastic DIYer, Mitten is the name to trust when you need quality home exterior products that won’t let you down!

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