Mitten vinyl siding is the single fastest way to not only increase the curb appeal of your home, but to raise the value of it at the same time! Affordable and easy to install, a fresh vinyl siding can make an outsized difference to the presentation and value of your home. Whether you plan on living there for decades to come, or have your eye on selling in a few years, updating your home with Mitten vinyl siding is one of the smartest investments you can make in your home!

Mitten's siding doesn't just look good today, or tomorrow, it looks good for decades to come. Created under the most stringent of industrial standards and the beneficiary of years of technological development and manufacturing innovations, Mitten's vinyl siding is tough, durable, and as maintenance-light as any home exterior could be. Mitten is so confident in its product that they offer one of the longest lasting and most comprehensive warranties in the industry! 

What products does Mitten offer? Well, these for a start!:
  • A massive selection of  bold siding designs available in a striking array of colours. 
  • Textured options that simulate real wood and fibre cement
  • Ply Gem's industry-leading line of style savvy doors and windows
  • Authentic looking stone veneer and shake for homeowners yearning for classic elegance
  • A huge selection of home exterior accessories including vents, blocks, railings, trim, fencing, and more
  • Quality housewrap and insulation products to make your home as efficient and comfortable as possible
About Mitten Building Products in Canada
Offering its market leading vinyl siding, the single best stone veener on the market, and introducing Ply Gem's incredible series of windows and doors to the Canadian market, Mitten is last word in home exterior products in the Great White North! When you want your home to look it's absolute best, look no further than Mitten Building Products. 

Mitten Building Products maintains branch locations throughout the country. A full list of these locations can be found here. Mitten's headquarters is located in Brantford, Ontario.

Looking for your local branch?


Mitten Building Products - Sherbrooke
144 Rue Leger  
Sherbrooke, QC   J1L 1L9 
P:  819.348.2695 
T:  877.568.3132


Questions? Please call at 1-866-MITTEN and we'll be happy to assist you.