Is your siding looking a little worse for wear? Does the aluminum look dated, or the wood in need of some serious maintenance? Why be tied down by those problems when there is a much better option out there?! With Mitten Building Product's industry-leading line of Mitten vinyl siding, you can have a beautiful looking home with siding that actually enhances the curb-appeal of your house while also providing years and years of reliable, maintenance-free service.

Mitten vinyl siding is durable, lightweight, and easy to install. Available in a huge range of colours and designs, we're certain we have a siding option perfect for your home. 

Our vinyl siding products include :

  • Coloured vinyl siding in a huge variety of designs
  • Realistic cement and wood textured siding
  • Soffit, Fascia, Rainware and Accessories
  • Shake & Stone Veneer for that added touch
  • A massive selection of windows and doors
  • Building accents materials - Blocks & Vents, PVC Trim, Shutters, and more
  • A number of building envelope products including sealant, house wrap, and other insulating products

About Mitten Building Products in Canada

Mitten Building Products is proud to be an industry-leader in the home exterior business. With nationwide distribution and offices all over the country, more Canadian homeowners are discovering the difference Mitten can make on a daily basis. Headquartered in Brantford, ON, visit for more information.

Feel free to visit one of our branch locations. The branch nearest you is:


Mitten Building Products – St. Hubert
3405, 1ère Rue  
St-Hubert, QC   J3Y 8Y6 
P:  438.289.1901 
T:  855.432.7185 
F:  866.864.1473 

A complete list of branch locations can be found here. If you have any questions, please let us know at 1-866-MITTEN, we'll be happy to assist you.