Silicone sealant is an ambitious DIYer's best friend. It's one of those super handy tools to have at your disposal that can be useful for all kinds of applications. If you've never used it before, silicone is dispensed from a tube as a gel, kind of like a very thick toothpaste. Once it settles, it forms a hardened seal, making it ideal to fill in tough to reach and irregularly shaped areas.

It is particularly useful for Canadian homeowners, as silicone doesn't lose its elasticity in extreme weather conditions. Freezing cold winter, hot and humid summer, it doesn't matter – silicone sealant will hold up just fine. So long as it is provided the proper conditions to set, it should be a "done once and forgotten” job.

At Mitten, we recommend the use of silicone sealant to assist in re-siding projects, the installation of new windows or window trim, and the occasional use when adding new accents or features to the home. We carry several different varieties, so ask your Mitten representative which one is right for you!
We also carry:
  • Realistic stone veneer and shake
  • Aluminum soffit, fascia, and other rainware
  • Ply Gem's stunning selection of windows and doors
  • Vinyl accents and accessories such as trim, shutters, vents, and more
  • Railing, fencing, and decorative columns
  • A wide range of building envelope and insulation products

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Mitten Building Products is a proudly Canadian company. Dedicated to bringing the best home exterior products to market, Mitten has is the number one brand for homeowners who are passionate about remodeling.

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