Do you love the look of wood, but don't love the costs and expensive upkeep associated with it? Well, now you can enjoy the rich, warm look of wood while paying less, and enjoy a more durable, longer lasting exterior! Today's vinyl siding options include wood textures with such incredible attention to detail that they are completely indistinguishable from the real thing, but offer a superior value.

Mitten's line of vinyl siding really does allow you to do it all. Available in a huge variety of colours, designs, textures, and patterns, there is a vinyl siding option out there that is right for you. Whether you want an ultra modern eye-catching piece of design that stops passing motorists in their tracks, or want to replicate the subtle stately look of a classic wood and brick home, Mitten has you covered.

Our products include:
  • Mitten's industry leading vinyl siding
  • Realistic wood, cement, and stone textures for the home you want
  • Shake and stone veneer so authentic they're indistinguishable from the real thing
  • A massive selection of Ply Gem windows and doors for that perfect finishing touch
  • A wide range of accents and accessories, from blocks and vents, to railings and fencing
  • Building envelope and insulation products to make sure your home not only looks great, but is comfortable and healthy inside

About Mitten Building Products in Canada
Mitten Building Products is proud to be the industry-leader in Canadian home exteriors. With nationwide distribution and offices all over the country, more Canadian homeowners are choosing Mitten when they want a home they can be proud of. Headquartered in Brantford, ON, visit for more information.

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A complete list of Mitten's branch locations can be found here. We can also be reached at 1-866-MITTEN for any questions you might have.