Vinyl siding has come a long, long way since it was first introduced in the 1950's! Decades of research and technological development have gone into creating the durable, light, and easy to install vinyl siding we have now, and Mitten has always been at the forefront of that development!

Vinyl siding is simply the best option when it comes to home exterior products. Lighter and easier to install than aluminum, far more weather resistant than wood, and more affordable than any other option! The best part though, is you don't have to sacrifice design and curb appeal when you go with vinyl. With Mitten's extensive product line of different siding designs, textures, and massive array of colours, you can create the exact exterior look you want. What's not to love about vinyl siding?

Mitten's full product line includes:
  • A wide selection of vinyl siding designs
  • Aluminum soffit and rainware accessories 
  • Shake and stone veneer panels
  • Ply Gem's impressive catalog of designer windows
  • Accents and accessories including blocks, vents, and PVC trim
  • Column, railing, and fencing options to customize your home's appearance
  • High quality sealant, house wrap, and related insulating products
About Mitten Building Products in Canada
Mitten Building Products is dedicated to serving all of Canada, with nationwide distribution and offices in numerous provinces. If you own a home in Canada, you can count on Mitten to provide you with the home exterior products you need.

Mitten products are backed by Ply Gem, a 70-year leader in performance home exteriors. Ply Gem is widely known for their comprehensive product line of designer windows and patio doors, as well as their own vinyl and aluminum siding and accessories, designer accents, stone veneer and gutterware. Mitten and Ply Gem are a dream team of home exterior specialists.

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