Vinyl siding was introduced in the 1950s, but you'd be hard pressed to compare the siding of those days to what we have available now. When originally introduced, vinyl siding was seen as a second-best material. A cheap alternative to other siding options that was marred with manufacturing defects and consistency issues. But that was then, in the past few decades, we've seen a revolution in the vinyl siding industry! New manufacturing techniques, technologies, and materials have allowed vinyl siding to supplant every other option and become the most common home exterior option in North America!

Today's vinyl siding shares almost nothing in common with the stuff they were using in the '50s. More durable, weather resistant, and dependable than any other option, vinyl siding also manages to be much lighter, easier to install, and affordable. Mitten's vinyl siding has been tested against 200mph winds, sleet, hail, and for fading in the face of long-term sun exposure (over decades), yet is still light and easy enough to work with that it can be installed on a whole house in just a few days.

Mitten is incredibly proud to offer its vinyl siding in a huge variety of different colours and designs, as well as other products such as:
  • Aluminum soffit and rainware accessories 
  • Shake and stone veneer panels as well as decorative accent pieces for a refined, stately look
  • Ply Gem's impressive range of designer windows and doors
  • Accents and accessories including blocks, vents, and PVC trim
  • Column, railing, and fencing options to customize your home's appearance just the way you want it
  • High quality sealant, house wrap, and related insulating products

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Mitten Building Products is a national leader in the home exterior industry. Offering homeowners across Canada high-quality, eye-catching, and affordable products to improve their homes, Mitten is a favourite of both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike! 

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