If you are in the business of installing exterior siding, trims, roofing, fascia, and flashing you probably already know how important a brake system can be to efficiently completing an install job. However, the main reason why siding applicators and contractors do not already have their own brake is the seemingly large cost to purchase one.

While the initial cost of purchasing a brake system might put some off, in the end the pros of owning one will outweigh the cons. Your efficiency on the job site will increase, making installs easier, faster and more professional and the ability to bend your own materials will offset the upfront cost.

Here are three reasons why owning your own break system will save you time and money:

1. You Bend it Yourself

Owning your own break system will allow you the freedom to bend your own materials on your own schedule. Hiring a subcontractor to perform all of the brake work adds extra cost and time to every install job and your completion will be at the mercy of someone else who may not have the same priorities.

While learning how to operate a brake system does take some time and skill, there are plenty of online instructions and videos available to get you started.

Check out some of Tapco’s helpful instructional videos:

  • Bending a J-Channel – Watch Now  
  • Bending an F-Channel – Watch Now
  • Bending a Drip Cap – Watch Now


2. Make Money by Bending for Others

Once you have purchased a brake system and are confident in your own bending abilities, you now have the opportunity to start offering your services to other contractors and applicators.

In addition to no longer having to pay someone else your bending your materials, other people could be paying you instead to provide this service for them. This potential new stream of revenue can help you offset the initial costs of the brake purchase and eventually the brake will pay for itself.

3. Increase Install Speed and Flexibility

Having your own brake system at the job site will go a long way in speeding up the install process. Instead of having to bring your material to another location for bending, the ability to the bend on site will save valuable time and provide the flexibility to go back and immediately correct any mistakes or surprises that could potentially occur.

Plus, since a brake system is portable and can be mounted on a truck or van, you have the option to shuttle it between multiple job sites minimizing any down time, increasing productivity, customer service and ultimately profit.

Mitten distributes and inventories brake systems from all major manufactures.

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