GenStone Faux Stone Panels and Siding

Faux stone veneer panels (or replica stone), are designed to give your home the warmth and character of traditional stonework - without all the expense. But while this idea has been around for a long time, it wasn't until the introduction of GenStone that we had a replica stone product that could truly take the place of old fashion masonry.

Genstone replica stone isn't just another stone veneer product. It is the stone veneer product. Beloved by contractors and do-it-yourself enthusiasts nationwide, it's easy to see why. Where other stone replica products took shortcuts and positioned themselves as a "better than nothing” product, we've spent decades refining and perfecting our panels. The results speak for themselves – incredibly durable panels that are easy to install, far less expensive than traditional masonry, and are indistinguishable from real stonework. They're simply the best product on the market.

Putting it All Together

Our stone panels use a specially developed inter-locking panel system for installation. We like to say that putting together our panels is sort of like working on a puzzle that always has a solution. Our 10-piece system ensures you always have options for how you want to build out your panels, resulting in a system that can adapt to any design, yet takes nothing more than ordinary deck screws and a few hand tools to put together.
Solid As a Rock 

GenStone panels might be easy to install, but that doesn't mean they aren't durable! Our panels are the toughest in the business, easily passing every standard test in the industry. This includes prolonged acid rain exposure, fastener pull-through test, and wind load/impact resistance evaluations. When those failed to make a dent, we tried more extreme measures like sledgehammer blows and even running them over with a two ton Jeep. Our panels handled the punishment like it was nothing.  

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Mitten Building Products is the exclusive distributor of GenStone products in Canada with branches across the country ready to assist you. The branch nearest you is: 
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If you're located elsewhere in the country, a complete list of branch locations can be found here. Or, you can call 1-866-MITTEN if you have any questions, we'd be happy to assist you.