GenStone Faux Stone Panels and Siding

We all know that simulated stone products have been available for construction purposes for years. We also know that they've always been a sub-optimal solution as well. 

Created with cement made to resemble stone, "cultured stone” has a reputation for being difficult to install, brittle, and noticeably artificial.

GenStone however, is different. Created using high-density closed-cell polyurethane, GenStone is a lighter, more durable, and infinitely better looking solution. It's hardly a contest, GenStone replica stone paneling is far and away the obvious choice when you want the warm, comfortable look of stonework to improve your curb appeal.
The GenStone Difference
GenStone replica stone panels are light enough for a child to carry, but durable like the real thing. They've easily passed every standard durability test in the industry including acid rain, fastener pull-through, wind load and impact resistance evaluations. Also, unlike porous cultured stone, GenStone will not wick or absorb water and is UV resistant, meaning it will last longer without warping, fading, or requiring extensive maintenance. 
How it Works 

Our specialized 10-piece inter-locking system makes installation a breeze. Designed to be able to be pieced together in nearly any configuration or design, our panels can accommodate any home and require no special training or tools. A do-it-yourself enthusiast with ordinary tools and some deck screws should have no problem installing GenStone paneling.
Forget the old false dichotomy of either paying out the nose for expensive real stone, or settling for an inferior look with imitation cultured stone. GenStone paneling costs about half as much as traditional masonry for a result that will look better and last longer than any other solution! To find out more, contact your local Mitten Building Product branch at: 
Mitten Building Products – Saskatoon
#102-815 66th Street E
Saskatoon, SK S7P 0E6
P: 306.374.6166
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You can also look on our website for a complete list of our branches. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 1-866-MITTEN.