GenStone Faux Stone Panels and Siding

The warmth and classic look of stonework can't be beat, but for most homeowners traditional masonry is just too expensive to consider. The cost is too high and the installation process too disruptive and involved to actually go for it, a dream that will never be fulfilled.

Thankfully, GenStone replica stone panels have changed all that. Lightweight and economical, GenStone replica stone panels offer a fantastic way to achieve the classic stone look you've always wanted for your home at around half the price of traditional masonry and an installation process that couldn't be more convenient.
Beauty Set in Stone
Our GenStone panels look so real they could fool professional stone masons. Nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, our panels come in a variety of designs so you can achieve the exact look you want. From traditional brickwork to a rough hewed look, our designs are sure to increase your curb appeal.
How does GenStone Work? 

Easy to install, we pride ourselves on the fact that GenStone panels can go from the box to on the wall in a few scant hours. Forget the long and involved process of hanging and setting traditional masonry, GenStone panels can be installed by anyone with just a few simple hand tools, a do-it-yourself enthusiasts dream.
You can find out more about GenStone and how easy it is to make your home look like new overnight at

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