These is just something timeless and classic about the appearance of wood. When a home is glad in a warm, wood-grain texture, it just looks that much more comfortable. Who wouldn’t want to come home to that at the end of the day? Unfortunately, wood is also expensive, heavy, and prone to disastrous maintenance issues. It may seem charming as an idea, but between the sticker shock and inevitable wrapping and wear of exposed wood in the Canadian climate, the idea becomes a lot less appealing very quickly. 


Thankfully, Mitten has the perfect solution for Repentigny homeowners. Our wide range of shake options are perfect for giving you the look and feel of deep wood-grain siding without any of the traditional downsides! And thanks to our partnerships with brands like Novik, you can be sure it will match with your other Mitten products! Novik provides a line of Mitten colour matched shake to compliment  your existing siding, frames, shutters, and more.

Mitten is proud to offer a wide range of exterior products, including:

  • Aluminum soffit and rainware accessories 
  • Shake and stone veneer panels as well as decorative accent pieces for a refined, stately look
  • Ply Gem's impressive range of designer windows and doors
  • Accents and accessories including blocks, vents, and PVC trim
  • Column, railing, and fencing options to customize your home's appearance just the way you want it
  • High quality sealant, house wrap, and related insulating products
About Mitten 
Mitten Building Products is a national leader in the home exterior industry. Offering homeowners across Canada high-quality, eye-catching, and affordable products to improve their homes, Mitten is a favourite of both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike! 

Mitten's head office is located in Brantford, Ontario. Branch locations can be found across the country, visity for details. The branch nearest you is:

Mitten Building Products – Repentigny
436 Rue St-Paul
Repentigny, QC  J5Z 4H9
P:  514.352.9555

Have a question you'd like to ask? Call us toll free at 1-866-MITTEN and we'll be happy to help!