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Stone Veneer


 GenStone faux stone panels are cast from real stone, rock and brick to recreate the unique texture, colors and shapes of each masonry style. In fact, the only things GenStone does not emulate is the installation headache of hiring a mason and weight associated with natural and concrete building materials. 

Order quantities and lead times may vary. Contact your local Mitten branch for a list of box/order quantities.


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Stacked Stone                 .

Width 41"
Height 11.25"
Depth 1.25"
Weight 3 lbs
Coverage area 3.20 sq.ft
R-Value 3.41 per inch

Genstone - The Beauty of Stone Made Easy!
  • Ease of Installation - Simple, mortarless installation convenient for do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors
  • Authentic look and feel - Four profile patterns, cast from real stone ensure a genuine finish
  • Durable - GenStone is waterproof, impact resistant and protected against fading, peeling or blistering
  • Economical - Installation and material costs for GenStone are substantially less than conventional masonry 
  • 25-Year Limited Warranty

How to Install GenStone - Step by Step Videos:

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