Ply Gem is proud to be a member in good standing with:


Vinyl Siding Institute

The Vinyl Siding Institute, Inc. (VSI) is the trade association for manufacturers of vinyl and other polymeric siding and suppliers to the industry.

The purpose of VSI is to further the development and growth of the vinyl siding industry by:

  • Maintaining and expanding markets for vinyl and other polymeric siding.
  • Addressing regulatory issues, including material restrictions, monitoring of building codes and the education of building code developers and regulators.
  • Helping develop material, product and performance standards by working through standards-making organizations and code bodies.
  • Sponsoring certification programs that improve the quality of siding and its installation.
  • Providing a forum for issues of interest to the vinyl siding industry.
  • Using VSI resources to share information with the industry and its customers on the benefits of vinyl and other polymeric siding.
  • Engaging in product stewardship and outreach activities to enhance the image of the industry and its products.


Mission Statement:  To build consumer confidence by creating, developing, and delivering consistently high standards of products, installations, and business ethics.

Consumers are more confident when dealing with companies that meet the S.A.W.D.A.C. strict criteria and code of ethics.

Vinyl Council of Canada

The Vinyl Council of Canada, formed in 1994, is a national trade group representing over 25 companies, including PVC resin and additive producers and processors.  They represent virtually every end-use for PVC, including pipe and pipe fittings, exterior siding, film, sheet, windows, rigid and flexible packaging, and recyclers. The Vinyl Council of Canada is a Council belonging to the Canadian Plastics Industry Association. 

ICC Evaluation Service 

(formerly National Evaluation Service Inc.)

Mitten has received confirmation by the National Evaluation Service Inc. (NES), now a part of ICC Evaluation Service, that its vinyl siding products comply with the exterior wall covering and wind-resistance provisions of the three U.S. model building codes (BOCA National, ICBO Uniform, and SBCCI Standard), in addition to the new 2000 International Building Code of the International Code Council.  This confirmation, as evidenced in the NES evaluation report [NER-528], provides guidance to code officials faced with approving the use of Mitten vinyl siding under these codes.