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Home Owner Name
Claim Address
Street Address City Province Postal Code
Home Phone Number
Customer e-mail Address    
Mailing Address (Same as Claim Address? ) City Province Postal Code

Product Color
Type of Siding: - See the attached worksheet "Identifying What Type of Siding You Have” to determine specific measurements, profile designation, and "Getting access to your Mitten Date Code” for the Date Code.
Siding Profile Height Profile Style Date Code
Original Installation Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Original Homeowner
Original Installer Name City Prov
Problem with Product
Areas of Concern  
Directional Exposure of Area(s) of Concern: (please circle direction your home faces and check all that apply)
Which best describes the surface directly beneath your siding? Other
Do you require a zip tool?  

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How many square feet (Sq. Ft.) of siding do you feel contains a defect under the terms of your warranty?To determine the surface square footage of affected siding installed on the structure, you should measure the overall length and height of the siding in question and record the results in the spaces provided on the diagrams below as appropriate. (For example, if the area of concern is 11 feet long and 5 feet high, then the total surface footage affected for that side is calculated as 11 x 5 = 55 surface square feet)

Front Side Total Affected Left Side Total Affected Back Side Total Affected Right Side Total Affected
   Sq.Ft.    Sq.Ft.    Sq.Ft.    Sq.Ft.

If the structure has more than four sides or the affected areas are located in the soffit, dormer, windows, chimney, etc. state the total additional square footage at issue and indicate its location. -Total additional square feet and location of additional square footage:

  1. A copy of Proof of Purchase verifying what products were purchased or installed showing the date of purchase or installation is required to process your claim. This can be either a dated product sales receipt, or other proof of purchase. We also require a copy of the property title or deed.
    • Clear, good quality, color photographs of your home as listed below.
    • Full view photo of entire structure.
    • Full view photos from each corner of the structure (similar to real estate photos taken from a distance) properly marked with applicable direction. (i.e. Front, Right Side, Back, Left Side).
    • Close up photos that illustrate your concerns properly marked Front, Right Side, Back, and Left Side. Photos must clearly depict issue or we may require additional photos.
  2. Siding pieces will be requested at a later date for testing.

All the information requested must be completed to the best of your knowledge for filing this claim and returned to Mitten "along” with items 1 through 3 listed above. The submitted photographs, supporting documents and this completed form become the property of Mitten Building Products.

NOTE: Your warranty coverage is "limited” and has specific "exclusions”based on when the product was installed. Please review your warranty, prior to submitting your claim, to be sure the condition you are experiencing is covered under the terms and conditions.

Mitten Building Products reserves the right to pursue legal action on "fraudulent claims.” I certify all the information above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Approve Sign
Homeowner’s Signature Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
Please continue to page three to complete the REQUIRED information in order to submit your claim.

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I would like to mail in my photographs

Upload Image of Front Side:

Upload Image of Left Side:

Upload Image of Back Side:

Upload Image of Right Side:

Upload Extra Image/ZIP of More Photos:

Upload Image of Warranty Card:

Photograph Instructions

In order to evaluate your claim, a minimum of (10) photographs of the vinyl siding and installation are required. Take photographs of each entire side of the structure (as shown below), as well as, close ups of the affected vinyl siding and accessories/trim. Please feel free to include as many additional photographs as you wish to illustrate the condition.


Please use a digital camera in .jpeg format. Photos should be e-mailed, saved onto a flash drive, or CD-R/RW (media will not be returned). Or if printed, done so on quality photographic paper a minimum of 3x5 in size. If not using a digital camera, use a 35-mm camera (or better). (Disposable cameras may be used-but must bedeveloped prior to submitting.) Take pictures of all the sides of your home. Stand close enough in photos showing the problem area for the problem area to "fill up” the view finder. For digital photos, include the view seen in the photo in the file name. For printed photos, on the reverse side of each photograph, please include your name, and identify the view. Use a felt tip pen. Indicate areas of concern on the photographs with a small arrow or asterisk (*).

A Date Code is located on the Nailing Hem of Mitten Vinyl Siding panels, or as a sticker on the reverse. This Date Code provides information that will identify date and time of manufacture. This information is required to process your claim.

Getting Access to your Mitten Vinyl Siding

Date Code

Removing a Siding PanelStarting at the end of a siding panel, hook the rolled edge of the Zip Tool onto the hook at the bottom of the siding panel as shown in diagram A. While applying pressure downward, slide the zip tool away from the end of the siding panel. This will "unzip” the siding panel from the lock of the panel below it and give you visibility of the Date Code. In some cases it may be necessary to unzip more than one panel to locate a Date Code. You may need to unfasten the siding from the wall to locate a date code sticker on the back of the panel, or when selecting a sample for claims evaluation. Always re-lock an unzipped siding panel before removing another.

Re-locking an Unzipped Siding PanelAfter you have recorded your Date Code you should re-lock that panel back into place. To re-lock a siding panel, place the rolled edge of the Zip Tool into bottom lock of the unzipped panel. Pull downward while sliding the Zip Tool back toward the unlocked end of the siding panel. It may be necessary to apply pressure to the face of the siding panel while re-locking.

You will have one of two types of date codes, in one of two locations as shown to the right. Some panels will have the inkjetted codes on the nail hem, earlier panels will have a sticker on the back (the requested information in all cases is outlined in red). After you have located the Date Code, please record the code on the consumer damage report in the requested section.

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