Need information on a specific issue?

VSI (Vinyl Siding Institute), the trade association for manufacturers of vinyl and other polymeric siding and suppliers to the industry, has many helpful publications available that address specific issues.  Click on the links below for information and additional resources!


Installation Resources:

Vinyl Siding Installation Manual
Vinyl Siding Installation - Quick Tips


VSI 'Certified Products' Literature:

Certified Vinyl Siding: Quality and Color You Can Count On
Polypropylene Siding: Certified for Performance
Vinyl Siding Standards Build Consumer Confidence 


North America Sides with Vinyl:

Siding with Vinyl Fact Sheet
Side-by-Side: The Truth About Vinyl Siding and Brick
Siding With Energy Efficiency 
Siding with the Environment Fact Sheet 
A Dozen Things You Might Not Know That Make Vinyl Siding Green 
Siding with Low Maintenance 
Siding with Safety Fact Sheet
Siding with Codes
Siding with History Fact Sheet
Designing Style: A Guide to Designing with Today's Vinyl Siding