Van Mark brakes boast leading edge technologies such as the Power Lock™ bar & POWERslot™ technology for easier bending, making of smaller "J” channels  and hollow core hinge extrusions for added strength. 

Order quantities and lead times may vary. Contact your local Mitten branch for a list of box/order quantities.


 Van Mark Features and Benefits

Base Rails: Van Mark has 2 full base rail extrusions for a "full frame” with the castings mounted on top of them. Others have a rear base rail but not a separate rear base rail. It’s why other’s brakes can twist and struggle with anything thicker than .019 aluminum.

Cam Locking System: We use a simple 2 pc rotating Cam with Wedge that self adjusts to different material thicknesses.
Others use a complicated toggle lock that "pops” closed causing metal on metal contact and wear, as well as requires manual adjustments for different material thicknesses. With fewer moving parts, the Cam and Wedge system requires minimum maintenance.

Castings: We have a 2 piece aluminum base casting and top locking arm. Others use a combination of cast aluminum and a lesser quality aluminum angle for the top locking arm.

Locking Handle: Van Mark locks by pushing the handle away from user which is a more efficient way to keep the handle out of the way on large bends. If a user learned on other brakes, they may be used to locking brakes backwards. A couple days and they are typically used to our more efficient way.

Bending Handle: Van Mark uses full loop handles with 2-4 integrated contact points that allow for truer bends. Others use independent stick handles prone to uneven bends. Also, our handle posts don’t catch and break when loading the brake on and off the truck.

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