This calculator is designed to help you estimate the quantity of vinyl siding and trims that you will need for your project.

Please refer to the diagram below to help you with the type of pieces that you might need for your project.

When completed, print the final results and bring into your nearest Mitten Dealer. It is only meant to be a guide. Please take the printed results with you so that one of our dealers can help you with your order.


Measure in Feet Inches

Length (Total Feet)
(# of Pieces)
Starter Strip
1/2" J Trim
5/8" J Trim
7/8" F Mould
J Trim
H Trim
Universal Trim
Finish Trim
1-1/4" J Trim
1-5/8" J Trim
Drip Cap
3" O.S.C.P.
Inside Corner
Repair Corner



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