The town of Brantford, Ontario, in Canada, is a beautiful, historically remarkable place to live. Established in 1877, Brantford is known as home to the famous creator of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell. The town is also known for its extremely cold winters, which means quality building materials, especially for windows, are needed to endure extreme conditions.
Temperatures can reach -30.5 degrees Celsius in the depths of the chilly season. Hot weather isn’t as common, but temperatures can go as far up as 38.5 degrees Celsius in mid-summer. 
Mitten Building Products, who have been part of the Ontario construction landscape for over half a century, provide excellent solutions for Brantford new construction windows. Renowned manufacturer Ply Gem makes most of Mitten’s products.
If you want Brantford quality windows for your home or commercial property, check out the local designs and specs available: 

Procanna Windows

Mitten is the exclusive distributor of Procanna Windows in Brantford. The company carefully designs these types of windows to cope with Canada’s unique climate demands. Manufactured with the best quality materials, so these windows boast fine craftsmanship. They are also all Energy Star compliant. As a result, these are an excellent option for either for Brantford replacement windows or new installations. 
The traditional-looking Procanna window is great for older-style homes, but can also work on contemporary designs.

Vinyl Windows in Brantford

Mitten Products has a variety of Ply Gem Vinyl Windows in Brantford. What is great about vinyl is that it requires far less maintenance and is longer-lasting than the old-style wooden windows. There are also several distinguishing specifications that you can request for each design to suit your individual needs.

Here are the various vinyl window styles available:

Vista Series

There is a range of options to choose from within the Vista Series. You can select:
  • Awning and casement
  • Horizontal slider windows 
  • Hung slider windows

The Vista Series casement styles are aesthetically pleasing in old-style homes as well as modern ones. These Brantford styles are also user-friendly and are known for opening and closing easily. They are frequently placed over the kitchen sink, but look beautiful standing alone or joined with fixed windows or different casements.

The awning windows are fantastic as you can leave them open during a drizzle and still not let any of the wet in. They are also very stylish in design and look good when combined with other windows.

The horizontal slider style allows for sweeping views of the outside, proper ventilation, and they are easy to use. They have a slimline look and thus look great on a modern home.

The single hung slider window design is very user-friendly and fits in with the majority of styles of homes. It is particularly attractive for a newer style house. If you are looking for more of a traditional finish, you can add grilles, available in several different patterns.

Classic Series

The Classic Series comprises of vinyl windows that imitate traditional wooden windows, but they need less maintenance and are longer-lasting than wood.

These windows are double glazed to a very high standard to resist the worst weather for years on end. The multi-chamber style makes the design stronger and extremely energy and thermally efficient. You can also choose from a variety of grilles in several patterns and colors to suit your particular home design.
This series, like the Vista Series, comes in casement and awning as well as single hung and horizontal slider windows. The casement and awning windows feature triple weather-stripping on window sashes to offer optimum protection from water and air. This design also maximizes energy efficacy. 
The windows have very efficient locking systems to provide a stable seal. The locking point is also concealed to resist forced entry. The specialized Sleek Truth Encore hardware on the windows folds away easily, and you can also get egress hardware for casement windows.
The horizontal slider windows are particularly easy to use, with mechanisms allowing the sash to hold at most heights. The style boasts Tri-Fin weather stripping for the ultimate seal. The widows have a knife latch to lock them, and an anti-lift sash, which both seals and provides security.
There are also many extra accessories to choose from to personalize your design.

Comfort Series

The Comfort Series design accommodates triple glazed windows. Therefore, the frames are much wider for the extra glazing.
This series also comes in awning and casement and hung slider designs. These boast very distinctive crank handles that fold easily, and the multi-lite design is clear-cut in appearance and does not need mulls.

The Comfort Series hung slider windows are defined by their reinforced steel structure for stronger configuration. They also have extra width and tandem rollers to more easily close and open the triple-glazed design.

Enviro Series

The Enviro Series is distinguished by innovative engineering to adapt to weather year-round and wider frames for triple-glazing. The casement windows provide maximum ventilation and light.
The awning style provides optimum ventilation as well as insulation for both cold and hot weather, making this a great choice. The awning window design opens out and can be joined in a diverse number of ways.
There are also a variety of accessories for a customized look in both designs.

Clad Windows in Brantford

Some of the window series available have cladding. These include:

The Design Series – Aluminum Clad Vinyl Windows

For clad windows in Brantford, the Design Series combines sophistication and durability. Aluminum windows in Brantford cladding are available in many beautiful colors, with Enhance Color Protection technology to protect from chalking or fading.
The casement windows are exceptional when it comes to style and comfort, while the awning design works well in limited spaces. You can adapt these windows for a modern look as well as a ranch-like feel.

The Signature Series – Aluminum Clad Windows Brantford (wood)

For those wanting to keep to classic wooden windows, this is the one to look for. The windows still have aluminum cladding, and the wood is sealed for extra protection, allowing for fortification against moisture. This aluminum windows Brantford design is still low maintenance and easy to use.
You can get window screens, and get stained wood stain for superior finishes. The cladding also comes in a variety of colors, and accessories for a customized style also apply. This series is thus perfect for creating a studio room impression.


Mitten in Brantford designs most products to be easily installed. If you need help, you can contact them directly.

Which to Choose?

As leaders in construction in Brantford, you can’t go wrong with Mitten. Its wide variety of design choices makes this the best supplier. The staff is happy to help you figure out which is the best style for your home if you are stuck!