6 Reasons Why Vinyl Skirting is Ideal to Protect Raised Foundations 

Do you have a cottage, mobile home or deck with a raised foundation that is exposed to the elements?  Are you looking for a clean and professional look for your mobile home or deck’s foundation?  Vinyl skirting for manufactured housing like cottages, decks, or mobile homes that encloses the raised foundation may be the ideal solution.Skirting is a vinyl accessory that is installed between the bottom edge of the manufactured structure and the ground below.  Cottages and mobile homes are usually built on a raised foundation or piers, so vinyl skirting is a great way to conceal the foundation.  It also finishes the appearance of raised structures, including porches and decks.

Skirting enhances visual appeal of a mobile home, cottage or any other structure laid on a raised foundation but it also prevents various creatures such as rodents, insects and snakes from nesting underneath your home or causing damage to your insulation, water lines and electric wires.

First of all, why should you even consider enclosing the foundation?

There are a number of advantages to enclosing your raised foundation, including:

  • Protect the foundation from the elements
  • Protect the foundation from vermin
  • Improve your manufactured home’s energy efficiency

Skirting is a necessity if you are planning to live in cold weather climates and skirting your structure may be essential, especially if you expect to get a lot of snow.

There are some creative options people have tried for skirting but are not recommended.  One method is using heavy canvas skirting with Velcro and twist ties to hold it down.  This process may require drilling into the side of the mobile home, camper, or cottage for the Velcro backing to secure it down.  In a pinch, stacking hay bales is another option that has been used (no kidding).  This method is not a very good option since the hay invites everything from rodents to structural rotting and may not be allowed by local building codes.

Installing vinyl skirting around your raised foundation’s perimeter can go a long way to improving energy efficiency, allowing much needed airflow, restricting access to unwanted vermin and it improves the overall appearance of your raised foundation structure.

Here are 6 reasons why installing vinyl skirting is beneficial for any raised foundation:

1. Skirting secures to the perimeter of any mobile home, cottage, deck, or foundation

This is important because it protects your raised structure from unwanted elements like wind and moisture erosion and keeps vermin from eroding away your structure’s foundation.

2. Vinyl skirting will not rot, peel, flake or blister and there is no need to paint - ever!

Hiring a painter is often not within the budget of most people and painting the skirting on your own is not only time consuming, if you are unsure of your availability, it can also be a quite an expensive project as well.  For many, this is when the thought of purchasing low cost, low maintenance vinyl skirting for their home becomes very appealing.

3. Ventilated panes encourage airflow and reduce moisture build-up and musty odors

Make sure to check the building codes in your area for ventilation requirements so that you comply with any local regulations when purchasing and installing vinyl skirting. Most building codes and insurance requirements necessitate complete enclosure below any dwelling.

4. Front rail pops up so skirting can be easily removed to access storage areas


5. Vinyl skirting can complement any existing structure or new exterior project

Mitten's Pleasant View vinyl skirting is available in Frost. This neutral tone will complement any new or renovation project and will help you beautify your raised foundation’s exterior look.  Like vinyl house siding, vinyl skirting is easy to install.

6. A great alternative to wood lattice, vinyl skirting won't attract termites or other vermin.  It lasts longer and will not degrade like wooden lattice

Here is a helpful installation tip: Laying asphalt shingles face down around the perimeter under the vinyl skirting will create a vegetation-free zone.  Be sure to lay shingles a few inches away from the skirting to allow a buffer for a weed trimmer.

So if you looking for a clean and professional look for your mobile home, cottage or deck’s foundation, vinyl skirting may be the ideal solution.  If you have to spend money on skirting, you will want to an option that is durable, mobile, and cost effective.

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