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Great white winters, stormy evenings, and stray hockey balls on warm nights when the neighbors come over. Those are just a few of the things your home may need to withstand. That’s why Maibec CanExel prefinished siding is designed to be exceptionally durable while maintaining its authentic beauty. We believe that a home built to last requires siding that’s built with integrity. When you see us on a home, you can tell it’s CanExel.
  • Engineered in Canada to perform in Canada and abroad
  • Made with premium quality Axalta Coating System® Paints
  • It’s no wonder that builders and homeowners have trusted CanExel® prefinished siding to improve their homes for over 40 years


Standard 12-foot-long planks distinguished by a central groove that gives the appearance of two 5-inch planks

Standard 12-foot planks with 6-inch or 9-inch width. Deeply textured wood-grain appearance

Deeply grooved 12-inch-wide planks create the effect of two 4½-inch-wide planks for a traditional or contemporary look
Innovative system for ease of installation and clean appearance | Can only be installed vertically or diagonally

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