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Levelwall provides what Professional Installers
require and Homeowners demand!

Levelwall Housewrap’s R-value is 1600% higher than fabric roll housewraps. Levelwall reduces air infiltration and insulates wood studs, eliminating energy transfer points that diminish the comfort in the home. Levelwall also reduces noise transmission into the home.


Once installed, Levelwall creates a level working surface providing a virtually perfect vinyl siding installation.  A straight, flat surface maximizes the appearance and performance of vinyl siding.

Levelwall blocks the wood-to-wood thermal transfer of outside temperatures. By "sealing the envelope” with Levelwall, homes become more comfortable and energy efficient.

  • All weather workability
  • Patented Grid System speeds application
  • Premium quality polystyrene foam core insulation plus a reflective aluminum facer provides a long lasting high R-value 

Levelwall is the only housewrap product with the Patented Grid System making cutting around doors, windows and roof lines a breeze. 

Levelwall combines two crucial products necessary for an energy efficient home: additional insulation and an air infiltration barrier.

There are over 1,000 breather holes in every square foot of Levelwall. These tiny holes enhance water vapor permeability without affecting rigidity. Many manufacturers skip this important step resulting in a product that traps moisture leading to mold or dry rot.

Levelwall contains no harmful chemicals or toxic additives.

Order quantities and lead times may vary. Contact your local Mitten branch for a list of box/order quantities.

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