Brantford, Ontario

Brantford, Ontario, was founded on the banks of the Grand River by Joseph Brant, a Mohawk chief who led his people during their early years of settlement in Upper Canada. 

The river crossing Brant used lent itself to the name of Brantford. Alexander Graham Bell, perhaps the most famous Brantford resident, is the reason Brantford is also called Telephone City. His telephone was conceived and built in his father's Brantford home, known then as Melville House, and more recently named Bell Homestead.

Brantford transformed from an agricultural to an industrial town during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. However, the industrial decline of the late 20th century affected Brantford as well as other cities in the northern US and southern Canada. Brantford experienced an economic turnaround starting in 2004 when Procter & Gamble, along with other manufacturers, moved in.

Brantford is a humid area that reaches an average high temperature of 21 degrees Celsius in summer and an average winter low of -10 degrees Celsius. Brantford residents seeking new windows and siding look to Mitten Building Products. Mitten Building Products has been in business for over 60 years and offers the siding inventory's most comprehensive selection in the area.

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario, the capital city of Canada, is located on the Ottawa River bordering Gatineau, Quebec. The city area is known as the National Capital Region. The town was initially founded as Bytown after Colonel John By in 1826 and later incorporated as Ottawa in 1855. The city is named after the Ottawa river, from the Algonquin word adawe, meaning "to trade."

Ottawa lies at the junction of three rivers: the Ottawa, the Gatineau, and the Rideau. Historically, Ottawa was the center of the area's logging and lumber industry, and the rivers played an essential role in that trade. The Rideau River is part of the 200 km (126 miles) Rideau Waterway system that became a primary transportation system for military, commercial, and later, recreational purposes.

Public Service of Canada and many notable high-tech companies have become the most prominent employers in Ottawa, earning the city the title of Silicon Valley North. Many federal departments have their headquarters in Ottawa, and tourism plays a significant role in the local economy.

The Ottawa climate is humid, with average temperatures of 1.4 to 11.3 degrees Celsius. In the summer, temperatures rise to around 21 degrees Celsius, with average winter lows at -15 degrees Celsius. In Ottawa, windows, and siding provided by Mitten Building Products ward off extreme weather in any season. Call Mitten Building Products at 519-805-4701 for a quote.

Scarborough, Ontario

Scarborough, Ontario, is an administrative division of Toronto in the eastern part of the city. The first European settlers arrived in the Scarborough area in the 1790s and a scattered collection of rural villages and farms incorporated in 1850 as a township. It joined Metropolitan Toronto in 1953 and then designated as a borough of Toronto in 1967. Scarborough became an independent city in 1983.

The Scarborough region has an archeological site showing evidence of nomadic occupation by hunters and foragers many thousands of years ago. It has been populated longer than records can show. Scarborough is known as a popular destination for new residents of Canada and has a diverse, multicultural population. Recommended destinations around the city for both residents and tourists include Scarborough Bluffs, Toronto Zoo, and Rouge Park. 

Scarborough's economy has largely integrated with that of Toronto. It's home to various manufacturing, scientific, technical, and professional services companies.

Scarborough has a moderate climate due in part to its proximity to Lake Ontario, and its southern location lends itself to humid summers and cold winters. Average summer high temperatures reach over 26 degrees Celsius, and winter lows reach -9 degrees Celsius. 

Mitten Building Products supplies residents and companies in Scarborough with replacement windows and siding that stand up to the town's worst weather, no matter the season. Call Mitten Building Products today at 519-805-4701 to talk about your siding options.

London, Ontario

The City of London, Ontario is the most industrialized and densely populated area in Canada. British General and first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada John Graves Simcoe named London and the Thames in 1793. The Thames and surrounding farmlands dominate the local geography around London. 

The city's economy centers mainly around insurance, manufacturing, and medical research. Manufacturing jobs suffered during the economic crisis of 2009, and the city's economy has since transitioned to become more technology-focused.

The climate in London is humid, greatly influenced by its southwestern location and proximity to the North and South Thames Rivers, as well as the Great Lakes. The City of London has widely variable seasonal temperatures. London experienced a record-breaking heatwave in 2018, topping out at 46 degrees Celsius, though temperatures rarely rise above 30 degrees.

Mitten Building Products has provided new windows and siding to London residents for over 60 years. Mitten Building Products offers the London area's most comprehensive selection of windows, siding, and other building supplies. Call Mitten Building Products today at 519-805-4701 for a quote.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal—officially, the French Montréal—is the Province of Quebec's most populous city and the second-most populous municipality in Canada. Montreal is composed of 19 boroughs and has the second-largest economy of Canadian cities. 

The city hosts commerce, industry, finance, culture, world affairs, along with the Montreal Exchange. Montreal companies produce various products and services for industries such as aerospace, electronics, transportation, and information technology.

The City of Montreal covers most of the Island of Montreal, which lies at the junction of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers. Because of Montreal's location as it relates to the surrounding rivers and nearby Great Lakes, it sees wide variations in seasonal temperatures. These temperatures range from 27 degrees Celsius in summer to -10 degrees Celsius in winter.

Mitten Building Products specializes in replacement windows and siding for Montreal residents whose homes bear the brunt of the local climate's fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Mitten Building Products takes pride in providing the windows and siding that protect your home better than anything else in the area. Call Mitten Building Products today at 519-805-4701 to get a quote on replacement options for Montreal windows and siding.

Repentigny, Quebec

Repentigny, Quebec, is a suburb north of Montreal located between the L'Assomption and Saint Lawrence Rivers. Repentigny is at the western terminus of the Chemin du Roy, a road running east to Quebec City. The town hosts numerous festivals throughout the year. It also serves as the site of the National de Soccer in mid-August. 

Repentigny, founded in 1670 by Jean-Baptiste Le Gardeur, was a sparsely populated agricultural community for its first 250 years. Repentigny merged with neighboring city Le Gardeur in 2002, which is now a district of its larger neighbor. Repentigny is a major transit hub in the South-Central Lanaudière region connected to multiple cities and towns nearby. 

Repentigny residents choose Mitten Building Products for their new windows and siding to protect them against the cold winter temperatures and the heat and humidity of summer. Mitten Building Products offers Repentigny residents windows and siding in a wide selection of styles and colors. Call us today at 519-805-4701 for a quote.



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