Material Safety Data Sheets

For vinyl siding and related premium building products
Vinyl Siding


Vinyl Siding

Progressive Foam (used on InsulPlank II insulated siding)

Akzo Nobel


Acoustik Aluminum Sealant Supra Expert - Ivy Green
Butyl White Sealer Supra Expert - Khaki Beige
Gutter Seal Clear 150000 Supra Expert - Light Grey
Gutter Seal White 150010 Supra Expert - Light Turquoise
LX 9000 Caulking White Supra Expert - Maize
Siliconized LX Sealant - White Supra Expert - Medium Bronze
Supra Expert - Acadia Supra Expert - Midnight Blue
Supra Expert - Almond Supra Expert - Milky Coffee
Supra Expert - Aluminum  Supra Expert - Mist Grey
Supra Expert - Autumn Gold Supra Expert - Moss Green
Supra Expert - Beige Clay Supra Expert - Pebble
Supra Expert - Black Supra Expert - Pine
Supra Expert - Blue Grey Supra Expert - Pine Green
Supra Expert - Brick Red Supra Expert - Red Wine
Supra Expert - Bright Red Supra Expert - River Rock
Supra Expert - Bronze Supra Expert - Rustic Cedar
Supra Expert - Buff Supra Expert - Sable
Supra Expert - Burgundy Supra Expert - Saddle Brown
Supra Expert - Cashmere Supra Expert - Sand
Supra Expert - Cement Supra Expert - Sandalwood
Supra Expert - Charcoal Supra Expert - Satin Cream
Supra Expert - Chestnut Brown Supra Expert - Scotia Blue
Supra Expert - Chocolate Supra Expert - Sierra

Supra Expert - Clear

Supra Expert - Smoke

Supra Expert - Country Red

Supra Expert - Storm

Supra Expert - Cream

Supra Expert - Tan

Supra Expert - Dark Brown

Supra Expert - Terra Cotta

Supra Expert - Dark Drift

Supra Expert - Thunder Blue

Supra Expert - Dark Green

Supra Expert - Translucent

Supra Expert - Glacier White

Supra Expert - Walnut Brown

Supra Expert - Granite Grey

Supra Expert - White

Supra Expert - Heron Blue

Supra Expert - Wicker

Supra Expert - Honey

Supra Expert - Yellowstone



Amerex Corporation


ABC Dry Chemical Fire

Extinguishant CH550

ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishant CH555



Can Cell


Weathersheild Multipurpose Silicone
Canadian Distributors
One Component Polyurathane Foam Sealant (DURA24S, DURA24G, DURA-D/W-G, DURA-D/W-S)
CanTech Industries
Tuck Tape (Construction tape 205-02)



Chevron Delo Grease EP

 Chevron Rando HD

999A Silicone Glazing Sealant - Clear DOW Cladmate

999A Silicone Glazing Sealant -

Translucent White

Enerfoam 24 oz. STRAW HC Foam Sealant CDN

Enerfoam 30 oz. GUN HC Foam Sealant CDN
Dupont RoofLiner Tyvek - DuPont Flexwrap and DuPont Straightflash
Tyvek Spunbond Polyethylene Tyvek Tape



Dustbane Products Ltd.




EVOTECH Industrial Coatings
Fast Dry Enamel - White Base 45 Industrial Colorant Red Oxide "R" (Spray Paint)
Fast Dry Enamel - White Base 90 Industrial Colorant White "W" (Spray Paint)
Industrial Colorant Yellow Oxide "J" (Spray Paint)

 Industrial Colorant Phtalo Blue

"B" (Spray Paint)




2300 Sealant - Clear 2320 - 2321
2300 Sealant - Colors



Gojo Industries Inc.


GOJO Luxury Foam Handwash



Pumice Hand Cleaner




Greenline Resins
Low Density Polyethylene (for Caps)
LePage GS-121 VOC Gutter Sealant LePage Quad Window, Door, and Siding VOC Advanced Formula Sealant - Wicker/Sandstone/Beige
LePage Quad Window, Door, and Siding VOC Advanced Formula Sealant (Sealant 2)
OSI Quad Window, Door, and Siding VOC Advanced Formula Sealant - Antique Brown
OSI Quad Window, Door, and Siding VOC Advanced Formula Sealant - Forest Green

LePage Quad Window, Door,

and Siding VOC Advanced

Formula Sealant - Parchment/Navajo

OSI Quad Window, Door, and Siding VOC Advanced Formula Sealant - Linen



Henry Company
BH200WB4 - BLUESKINWB KL310CL - KOP-R-LASTIC Clear Gutter Sealant



HomeGuard Building Products
HomeGuard Housewrap
Ivaco Rolling Mills LP
Louisiana Pacific 
LP SmartSide Fiber
LP SmartSide Strand
May National
Mulco Universal Adhesive Clear & Colors
MFM Building Products
SBS Self-Adhesive Wrap
Ply Gem
Copolymer, Siding, Shutters and Accessories

Copolymer, Siding, Shutters and Accessories- Polar Distribution


Exterior Aluminum Products Safety Data


Polar Industries

LevelWall, WeatherAll XL, PRO, HDII, HD, PolarTek, PolarGuard




Protecto Wrap
Protecto Seal 45
BT-PRIMER Protecto Sealant 25XL
JS160H Mastic Protecto Super Stick Building Tape
JS500, AFM500, & PSDS Detail Tape Protecto Universal Primer
Protecto Flash Protecto-Tak

Protecto Flex




Rivenco Industries
Resisto Membranes
TOTAL Petrochemicals
TOTAL Polypropelene Copolymer (for Mounting Blocks)
Gutter Seal Clear Tremco 830 Caulking - White
Gutter Seal White Tremglaze LEF Gun Grade Coating
Tremco 830 Caulking - Black  Tremsil 200 Clear (without Fungicide)
Tremco 830 Caulking - Clear Tremsil 200 White

Tremco 830 Caulking - Khaki




Tyco Fire Protection Products


Carbon Dioxide




Triple Expanding Polyurethane Foam Sealant
Vision Extrusions
Vinyl Compounds (for windows)