We’ve already talked about how Mitten’s enVision It! is a great selling tool on a desktop computer but we can’t neglect iPad users. This is an essential tool that contractors should use on site to sell Mitten Vinyl Siding. Let’s look at 4 features that make the Mitten Pro iPad app a selling tool you can’t live without.

1. Upload a Photo

Let’s paint a picture: You’re at a homeowner’s residence selling Mitten product and they just aren’t able to wrap their head around what their new siding will look like on their home. You pull out your iPad and take a photo of their home. In minutes, you mask the siding area on the photo and add Mitten siding to their home.

After seeing the life-like rendering, the homeowner is amazed. They are now more confident in you as a contractor, more confident in the product you use, and more likely to work with you on their remodel project.

That’s what the Mitten Pro iPad app can do you for you.

2. Product Review

After you’ve designed your customer’s dream home you can generate a detailed list of the products you’ve applied. Then, take that product information and treat it as a shopping list. This makes it very easy for you to quote.


3. Saved Projects

As you use the iPad app, your projects are saving at every step. By using the app at each job, you slowly begin to build a portfolio of your work. Open a saved project to show a homeowner your best work.


4. No Internet Connection Required

We’ve just listed three features that will improve your selling process, but we haven’t even covered the best part. There is no Internet connection required.

One of the hardest things about selling in a homeowner’s residence is not having access to Internet connection. With the Mitten Pro iPad app you can take a homeowner through the entire visualization process without needing to connect. They’ll be more likely to give you their money than their wifi password.

The Mitten Pro iPad App is free on the App Store. Find it by searching "Mitten Pro” or clicking here. Available on iPad only.

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