Can Faux Stone Veneer Panels Replicate the Character of Real Stone?

Do you love the warmth and character of stone on a home’s exterior but are concerned about the cost and labor associated with traditional masonry? Mitten offers a wide selection of replica or faux stone veneer panels that will provide an impressive, elegant look for much less than what you’d pay to have actual stone installed. With warmer weather fast approaching, Mitten’s distributed line-up of  GenStone   and  Novik  ...

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3 Benefits of Mitten Product Training

Author: Coral Leon
in November 2017

    The ability to understand and communicate information gives you a competitive advantage. To be successful, everyone needs to have knowledge about the products they sell, install, service or support. Here is how Mitten product training can help you build stronger relationships and close more deals: 1. Increase Product Knowledge Learn everything you can about the products and be prepared to answer any kind of questions....

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