Exterior Cladding Trends in 2024: Embrace Modern Elegance

In 2024, architectural panels as exterior cladding continue to be in the spotlight. The current trends of clean lines, strong colour contrasts and neutral colour schemes that blend in with the environment are also characterized by the growing popularity of resistant materials.

This makes steel profiles a natural choice. In addition to their modern, linear look and the wide range of finishes they offer, these siding solutions are among the most durable on the market—and require no maintenance.

Here's a look at the latest trends and how MAC Metal Architectural products can help you achieve these styles.


Modern Scandinavian

Modern Scandinavian


The modern Scandinavian style remains popular, emphasizing clean lines, minimalist design and natural materials. However, at the heart of this design are the drastic contrasts between the choice of colours and materials. Steel profiles like MAC Metal Architectural's Harrywood PLUS and Norwood each provide a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, and when paired with different materials such as wood and masonry, offer a very chic and luxurious look.

For the addition of wood, there are high-quality coatings that are virtually maintenance free and imitate the look of wood or noble materials, such as zinc, which are popular for this type of design. Available in 13 finishes, MAC's Harrywood PLUS perfectly reproduces the look of wood with a variety of shades and grain patterns to complete the European style.

Norwood, on the other hand, brings a contemporary and sophisticated touch to any architectural project. Thanks to its bevelled edge, which creates the look of a spaced plank, this type of material lends a certain depth to the design. Now available in two widths, Norwood and Norwood Mini, this product offers many installation possibilities that can bring the Modern Scandinavian look to any project.



Contemporary Farmhouse

Contemporary Farmhouse


The farmhouse style has evolved to include more contemporary elements, such as sharp contrasts between roofing, colour accents like door frames & windows and large, flat surfaces. In 2024, dark roofing paired with lighter walls and wood accents creates a striking appearance.

In terms of design, linear cladding is the most prominent. Incredibly timeless, the predominant colours are black or dark grey for the roof and accents of light grey and white for the exterior surfaces. A light touch of wood can also give it a warmer look and allow you to be more imaginative.

MAC Metal Architectural suggests quality steel products that fit perfectly with the farmhouse-style property, such as Board & Batten, or MS1 and MS1 Modular, which are perfectly suited for flat surfaces. Always with a view to flexibility, Board & Batten is available two styles (Board & Batten and Reserve Board & Batten), whereas two MS1 Modular is available in three sizes, allowing for multiple widths. These two profiles are also available in several varieties of colours to match current and future trends.



Urban Industrial

Urban Industrial


A new trend gaining traction in 2024 is the urban industrial style, which combines raw, unfinished materials with sleek, modern lines. Exposed steel, concrete and reclaimed wood are key components. MAC Metal's Harrywood PLUS and Norwood (Original and Mini) products offer the rugged, industrial aesthetic while providing the durability and low maintenance of steel.

Made from 100% pre-painted galvanized steel, these sleek panels are available in a variety of colours and widths, offer a straightforward installation process and come backed by a 40-year warranty.


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Designs


Sustainability continues to be a significant focus in 2024. Homeowners and builders are increasingly choosing materials that are both eco-friendly and long lasting. MAC Metal Architecural's products are made from recycled materials and offer long-term durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing environmental impact.

As we move through 2024, exterior cladding trends emphasize a blend of aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. MAC Metal Architectural’s range of products provides the perfect solutions to achieve these contemporary styles while ensuring durability and eco-friendliness.


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