How awesome would it be if you could show your customer exactly what their home will look like at the end of their remodeling project, the first time you sit down with them?

Pretty awesome!

EnVISION it is a powerful visualization tool offered by Mitten that allows you to do just that. Using a photo of your customer’s home (or choose an image from the sample library), you can create new, custom designs using real products. Available products include Mitten, Genstone, Procanna, Novik, Longboard, and more.

When used properly, enVISION it is a powerfully persuasive visualization tool that allows you to easily close a lot more jobs. Contractors who use visualization as part of their sales process consistently find that it increases their total sales, total profit, and – most importantly - customer satisfaction. There are five, specific features within enVISION It that will help you create some incredibly realistic designs, and get your potential customers excited about their remodeling project with you.

Set Scale

The more accurate your design is, the easier it will be for the homeowner to see their remodel project before you even lit a tool. Accuracy of this design will help the homeowner become confident in your work. That’s why the "Set Scale” tool is a very important feature in enVISION it. In order for product to render at the correct size, you’ll need to tell the software what the real-world size is of photo you upload. After you upload a photo, you’ll see a box in the top left asking you to set the scale. Once you set your scale, any product you choose to add to the home will now render at the correct size.


Magnifying Glass

The magnifying glass tool will help you increase accuracy of your design. This will increase customer confidence and satisfaction. EnVISION it allows you to customize the surfaces you’d like to re-design. Through a process called Masking, you will need to identify the surfaces you’d like to change by tracing around them with the mouse. You can ensure accuracy by using the magnifying glass toolthat appears in the top left of the photo.


Set Perspective

It’s hard for a homeowner to really imagine what that siding will look like on their home if it isn’t rendered properly. The Set Perspective tool accounts for that. In combination with the Set Scale and Magnifying Glass tools, use this tool to increase accuracy of your design. And we all know that increase accuracy of design = increased customer confidence, satisfaction, and the chance for sale.

In addition to the ‘Set Scale’ tool, the ‘Set Perspective’ tool increases the realism of the final design you create. By using the Perspective tool you can define the angle at which the product you want to apply will display.


Account Usage/Snapshots

Think of the Snapshot feature as your closer. You’ve spent a good amount of time on your project and now you are ready to show it off. Show the homeowner different product options and watch them revel in amazement. Also watch them close the deal - it's going to happen fast. In order to use the Snapshot feature, you’ll need to create an account on enVISION IT. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to click the camera icon below your image to take a photo of your current design. You can save each design as a snapshot and then present them to the homeowner side by side – in a printable design report.


Do It For Me

The Do-It-For-Me service benefits you, the contractor. With an easy submission process and a quick turnaround you can sit back while mask your project and then benefit from the realistic designs as soon as we’re done. Send us your photo, and for a nominal fee of $20, we’ll do the work for you. You’llreceive your masked photo within 2 business days, and you’ll have the ability to make design changes in seconds.