6 Tips You Need to Know for Installing Decorative House Shutters

Installing new vinyl window shutters is a great way to add some quick and cost-effective curb appeal. Whether you are building, completing an exterior renovation or simply looking to swap out tired old exterior shutters with new ones, this decorative accent piece can dramatically change the look and appearance of your home. When installing new exterior shutters here are 6 tips to remember in order to complete a finished and professional looking project:...

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NovikStone™ DS - Dry Stack Stone

Author: Novik
in February 2018

    Using NovikStone To Modernize a Home The look of Dry Stack Stone can add a refined and sophisticated element to the appearance of a home. It’s simple yet elegant appearance adds warmth to sleek, modern designs and is right at home in the mixed materials movement that is now prevalent in residential design. With NovikStone DS – Dry Stack Stone, you can create an interesting and contemporary look, use it as an accent, layering complementary finishes....

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