How Can I Tell If My Vinyl Siding Has Been Installed Correctly?

The key to successful vinyl siding installation is in the planning.  Proper installation is the best way to ensure your vinyl siding looks great and will stay that way for a lifetime. The method of applying vinyl siding and soffit is essentially the same for new construction and renovation projects.  In all installations, care should be taken to properly prepare your home’s exterior structure and it is always recommended that installers review local building codes before...

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3 Things You Should Know About Insulating House Wrap

Author: Alex Habay
in July 2017

Before you start covering your house with exterior cladding, there is one important thing you must take into account and that is insulating house wrap. Applying insulating house wrap will help with temperature control, keep the seasonal elements out of your home and ultimately maximize comfort. The installation of insulating house wrap is essential to a comfortable home and here are 3 things you should know before making any decision about your next exterior design...

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