Planning the details of a new build or renovation takes a lot more time than homeowners realize.  So, help them plan and make the right choices for the longer-term instead of having them make a last minute, rushed "oops, I forgot about that…” detailed decision!  Exterior railings are one of the choices that should be added to this plan.  This blog will highlight the benefits of aluminum as a material and the pros of a made-to-measure custom design.
1.Premium aluminum construction
Imperial Kool-Ray railings and columns are made from 100% high-density aluminum that is stronger, more durable than PVC or wood.  Aluminum also has a smooth finish, making the railing splinter-free. Aluminum is better able to withstand severe weather and temperature conditions – perfect for our beautiful Canadian winters.

Considering our short Canadian summers, help the homeowner enjoy the outdoors instead of having to maintain their homes appearance.  The quality of aluminum and the superiority of powder coat paint finishes provide a maintenance-free product and will keep its finish for years to come.  Aluminum railing and columns won’t rot, rust, warp, flex, crack, chip, require stain, or require re-painting. 

3.Professional grade solution for homeowners and building professionals that seek more options, precision, flexibility, and convenience
Add stylish appeal and lifelong value to any exterior with quality aluminum railings.  From classic to contemporary, Imperial Kool-Ray railings and columns are designed to compliment any décor and will provide the premium look that homeowners seek.  Proudly Canadian, Imperial Kool-Ray prides itself on quality service and products, including our made-to-measure products.  Imperial Kool-Ray aluminum railing systems are national building code compliant.

Aluminum railing systems come in a variety of styles, colors, and heights.  Finish your exterior with matching aluminum accessories, such as aluminum columns (which are load bearing and can be used to cap existing posts), gates, glass, and, wall handrails.  Building and renovations are no small feat, so don’t forget the finishing touches!  Aluminum railing, columns, and accessories are the essential finishing touch to your sundeck, porch, balcony, walkway, and stairs.

4.Fabricated to specification and railings cut to angle
Whether you are building a new home or improving a current one, Imperial Kook-Ray’s made-to-measure system offers you the flexibility to adapt the railing system to your custom deck design.  Pro-quality - simple or complex, whatever your project calls for, it’s easy to combine the premium-quality components and customizable accessories you need for a project that is sure to impress.

5.Shipped pre-assembled, no cutting, and minimal waste on site
Whether it be tempered glass railing (clear glass or tinted) or with spindles, Imperial Kool-Ray made-to-measure railing systems are produced to custom specifications in Canada.  Once built, the railing is shipped pre-assembled for quick and easy installation on the job site.
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