Titan Protective HouseWrap  from HomeGuard is an advanced housewrap and air barrier material engineered to provide the ultimate in performance, versatility and ease of installation, all backed by our industry leading warranty.


Top 5 Reasons why you should consider Titan Protective HouseWrap for your next project:


1. Performance


When you install a HouseWrap, installers want to reduce the callbacks and have piece of mind. Titan Protective HouseWrap is a nonwoven, nonperforated, high permeance housewrap with drainage capability that will also perform as an air barrier. Titan offers the best combination of moisture management, air management and breathability for all of your designed wall systems.

2. Versatility


Titan Protective HouseWrap is guaranteed to perform under the harshest conditions, with the widest range of wall assemblies and under all different cladding types, including cement board, stucco, foam, manufactured stone, insulated siding, wood, vinyl and metal siding, etc.  Titan Protective HouseWrap will do it all.

3. Ease of Installation


Installers want a HouseWrap that is easy to install. Titan Protective HouseWrap’s pliability makes it easier to install especially at corners, and its high tear strength means fewer blow offs and less call backs. Titan’s 3 ply construction ensures extreme job site durability.

4. Industry Leading Warranty


Titan Protective HouseWrap comes with an industry leading Lifetime Limited Warranty offering longer and more complete coverage with fewer exclusions and qualifiers. Rest easy knowing you are covered.

5. Custom Printing


Titan Protective HouseWrap offers the largest custom print area with one of the lowest minimum volume requirements. Show off your company logo to help create "Top of Mind" brand awareness.


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