Mitten Building Products introduces ClipStone, an innovative, easy-to-install stone veneer. With simple common tools, you can turn a plain boring wall into an eye-catching, professional-looking stone wall.

If you're looking for a product with the beauty of traditional stone masonry without the hassle, here are 5 reasons why you should choose ClipStone:

#1. Easy to install

  • No masonry skills required
  • No special tools needed
  • No foundation required
  • Lightweight, mechanical fastening system
  • No mortar, no mess
  • No metal lath required
  • No need to find studs when properly installed according to installation instructions
  • Installs in all weather conditions
  • Easy cleanup

#2. Great performance

  • Built-in, patented water management system
  • Significant air circulation behind the stone veneer
  • Overlapping stone edges minimize gaps between stones
  • Universal corners to use in either direction
  • Starter strip has built-in weep flashing

#3. Worry free

  • Durable product
  • Requires no maintenance
  • No sealing, painting or cleaning required
  • Backed by a 50 Year Limited Product Warranty

#4. Simply beautiful

  • Replicates the look of natural stone without the expense
  • The beauty of stone masonry without any of the hassles
  • No panelized look
  • Overlapping stones provide natural joint look
  • Variety of styles available
  • Easy retrofit to any existing interior home or exterior cladding
  • Dress up your curb appeal

#5. Increase profits

  • More margin per square than siding
  • Separate yourself from the competition
  • Install yourself with your own common tools
  • Easy upgrade option for your customers

For more information about Clipstone and how it install it, CLICK HERE.

Want to see more ClipStone? See how this cement-based stone veneer looks on a variety of homes using the visualizer!