Author: Darryl Pollock
in September 2017

When planning your siding project, it’s important to understand the trim options available to you.  Trim can help dress up your house and add the extra curb appeal you’re looking for.  It also contributes to the maintenance you’ll be doing over the life of your siding, so making the right choice now can free up a lot of weekends in the future.

Ply Gem carries some of the premier trim products on the market, each with its own features and benefits.  Highlights for each of them are below.  If you’re looking for more information, we’ve put together an Exterior Trim Guide: Trim Guide link as well as a training course on our site. 

Engineered Wood Trim by LP SmartSide

LP SmartSide is a product that that looks and handles like wood (it cuts, routers and fastens the same), but is engineered to perform much better.  The product has a very high impact resistance (it can handle a baseball thrown at 77.7mph without any damage) and is specially treated to resist moisture and insects.  The wide range of thicknesses and widths available give the flexibility to achieve the look you desire on your project.


Fiber Cement Trim by Allura

Fiber Cement trims have several advantages over wood: they won’t warp, rot or splinter and insects (like termites) won’t eat them.  As well, Fiber Cement is non-combustible (with a Class A fire rating), so it’s a great option in communities where that is a requirement.  Typically, this product is paired with Fiber Cement siding, but it can be used in any number of trim applications.


PVC Trim by Ply Gem

PVC trim is an ultra-low maintenance product - it doesn’t absorb moisture (so it won’t decay or rot), and its white colour will never require re-painting.  PVC trim can be routed, cut and shaped just like wood.  It has a leg up on wood though, because it can be heated and bent for custom projects.  The trim boards are reversible, so you have the option of a woodgrain or smooth surface on your project.


Aluminum Trim by EasyTrim Reveals

EasyTrim Reveals are primarily used with Fiber Cement siding projects.  They have a very modern look and can be matched to the colour of your siding.  The trims have water management features built into them to keep water from pooling on the siding and degrading it over time.  EasyTrim Reveals are easy to install and come in a variety of profiles to fit any application needed on your project.