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Whether you’re a new homeowner, have owned your home for years, or are looking to sell, at some point you’ll consider renovating your home’s exterior.


Thinking about changing your home’s most visible feature can frightening, but the ability to bring an old home back to life should be beyond exciting! There are a ton of products you can choose from when renovating your home’s exterior, but here are five reasons why you should consider using Mitten vinyl siding:


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1. Boosts Curb Appeal

The look of vinyl siding has changed drastically over the years – vinyl siding used to be considered ‘plain’ and ‘boring’ but technology has changed that. Vinyl siding is now offered in a variety of colours – we offer more than 40 – and has been designed to better resemble real wood grain. Not only do we offer the largest selection of colours in the industry, but we offer them in a wide range of tones: dark, light, bold, neutral, you name it! When redesigning your home, you will realize a diverse selection of colours are needed to really make it ‘pop’ – that’s where Mitten siding shines!


Mitten Building Products - Blue Offerings


2. Weather Resistant

It’s true, numerous products can make your home look stunning to onlookers, but how long will it have that ‘new’ look? Other products weather, fade, and become quite popular to insects. With vinyl, you won’t have to worry about water damage in a heavy storm, fading from the sun, or annoying pests – Mitten vinyl siding is designed to be weather resistant, fade resistant, and insect resistant.


Mitten Building Products - Blue Offerings


3. Never Requires Painting

Painting your home’s exterior? That’s part of the reason you’re considering a reno in the first place! Our siding is third-party tested and certified for quality and colour retention. A lot of products still apply colour on the surface, meaning it’s vulnerable to cracking, peeling, and fading – imagine chipping stained wood, the natural colour can still be seen under the topcoat. Our vinyl is coloured from the inside and doesn’t crack, peel or fade.


Mitten Building Products - Blue Offerings


4. High Performance

Unlike other products on the market, our vinyl siding is virtually indestructible – it’s built to weather any storm! Mitten vinyl siding comes in four different thicknesses: .040”, .042”, .044”, and .045”; and, as we’ve previously mentioned, is tested to protect against damage from rain, rotting and warping due to moisture, and can withstand winds up to 195 mph. Vinyl siding can even be simply cleaned with a garden hose – Mitten vinyl siding is made to last!


Mitten Building Products - Blue Offerings


5. Peace of Mind

Our vinyl siding is not only versatile, indestructible, and easy to install, but is also backed by a Lifetime Transferable Warranty. We understand that as homeowners or contractors, you constantly have to worry about your work – that’s why our products are backed by industry-leading warranties that last the lifetime of a home and transfer to the next owner should you ever decide to leave.


Whether your home is something you want to keep looking its best for yourself or another, consider using a product that fits all the needs of a modern-day home – consider Mitten vinyl siding.


Check out how your house would look with Mitten vinyl siding using the Mitten Visualizer!


Mitten Building Products - Blue Offerings