Vinyl columns are an inexpensive and easy way to improve the curb appeal of your home, either as an accent piece or as a decorative architectural enhancement. Vinyl porch columns, pillars and posts come in a variety of styles and colors that can fit any home from modern to Victorian.

Here are three benefits of installing vinyl columns on your home:

Easy Maintenance and Upkeep

Like other exterior vinyl products, the maintenance and upkeep of vinyl columns, posts and pillars is virtually non-existent. When they do need to be cleaned, a little soap and water will go a long way. With no stripping or staining needed to maintain the brightness of vinyl, simply wash away dirt and grime and the original appearance will shine through.

Vinyl columns are manufactured as one continuous profile with no seams or joints that can split and unlike other column materials like wood or fiberglass, vinyl columns will not warp, crack, rot, attract mildew, yellow, or dent.

For more information on maintaining your vinyl, see our article on vinyl siding maintenance.

High Level of Customization

Another benefit of installing vinyl columns is the high level of customization that you can achieve to create enhanced curb appeal for your home. Vinyl columns, pillars or posts add value to your property with balanced colors and decorative skirts that can truly showcase your home’s appearance.

A wide variety of decorative skirt sizes for the top and the base of your vinyl columns can take them from modern to traditional with little effort on your part. That coupled with a variety of colors that will never fade and complement your vinyl siding & railing means you get the look elegant you want with very little hassle.

Easy Installation

Vinyl columns are known for their relative ease of installation. They can be shipped in at 6’ or 12’ columns and cut to size on site with a traditional saw blade. They can also be load bearing or merely decorative, though you must consult with an engineer to calculate the load bearing weight of a vinyl column before installation. Split vinyl columns can be installed over existing posts and columns to update the look of your home. Since vinyl columns have a proven track record for excellent longevity, color fastness and are backed with a long term comprehensive warranty, contractors will love the ease at which vinyl columns are installed and feel confident that the job will last a lifetime.